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Born to Code!

A revolutionary coding school that create Talents among Jordanian vulnerable population and Refugees

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42 Amman is an Ecole 42 school in JORDAN


  • To deliver high-level training in coding skills to 1450 refugees and disadvantaged underprivileged Jordanian youth over five years

  • To provide free educational, highly innovative project-based learning using gamification methodology, to refugees and Jordanian vulnerable populations.

  • To assure employability of the students and early placement in the fast-growing digital economy in Jordan and worldwide

  • To achieve gender balance in the student population by actively encouraging girls and, where necessary, their families to engage in the selection process and training activities

  • To propagate the learning methodologies and concept of the School42 method as a robust tool to boost self-reliance and leverage skills within refugees and underprivileged communities.

  • To facilitate beneficiary’s direct employment as web developers with English speaking remote freelance platforms, local startups and companies.

  • To encourage donors to invest in refugee’s self-reliance through digital inclusion.

  • To economically empower youth and women by boosting their participation as primary targets.

  • To build a community of startups and investment funds in Europe committed to digital inclusion and diversity that engage in hiring graduates as interns or, ideally, as employees either remotely or locally.

  • To be part of an international community through 36 campuses in the world labeled 42 Networks.

Let’s Work Together

We are building the operational model of the program, please feel free to send us an email if you are interested to be one the stakeholders

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