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Chams x AWS re/Start 

A free of charge program preparing unemployed and underemployed individuals for cloud careers through blended based training

The Program is Starting on December 18th 2022

Online Learning

What do Airbnb, Netflix, Dubai Airport, Virgin Middle East or Axa
have in common?

These companies - and tens of thousands of others around the world - entrust all or part of their Information Technology (IT) to a group better known to the general public for its mail order business than for its data centres: Amazon. Learn what cloud computing by Amazon Web Services in this video


Inventions change the world!

In less than fifteen years, the cloud has profoundly and permanently transformed the way professionals use IT tools. Before, it was every company for itself: each company stored its data and ran its software on its own servers, often on its own premises - with consequent investments, and often oversized human and machine requirements. At the turn of the millennium, Amazon was one of the first to understand that the development of the Internet and broadband would completely change the situation, by allowing remote access to machines. This is known as the cloud - computing is 'in the cloud'. This gave rise to a new business model: sharing infrastructure by charging for data storage and processing as a service, based on hours of use and gigabytes used - this is known as a 'public cloud', as several companies access the same machines.

The 21st century is about jobs in digital
transformation driven by cloud computing!

Devops jobs

Remote working is native to this cloud world and is highly sought after by companies throughout the world and in the Middle East (1):


You are a young Jordanian, a Refugee, you are unemployed or underemployed and are looking for a new job with a future, you are curious by nature, and motivated by a passion to learn :

Be the architect of your own life

Onboard the future skills that the job market requires in the Middle East and work remotely with local and international companies.

Begin by acquiring the AWS cloud Practioner certification for free by the end of the program through the test and after graduation you can decide to purse the next levels and topics of other AWS certificates

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We will provide laptops and internet acces.
The training will be mainly online starting on the 27th of March.

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AWS re/Start is a skills development program on the fundamentals of cloud computing techniques.

This intensive AWS re/Start training program is delivered by CHAMS NGO FREE OF CHARGE in Amman and Irbid.


The learner will be trained in the administration and maintenance of systems and networks with a specialization in Cloud techniques: installation and maintenance of software and hardware, infrastructure security, monitoring, deployment of applications, DevOps techniques in AWS Cloud and Cloud infrastructure in general.

Through exercises, workshops and lessons based on real-world scenarios, learners develop skills in Linux, Python, networking, security and relational databases. He will have the opportunity to pass the certifications specific to AWS Cloud tools, systems, and software (Amazon Web Services), the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. 

It is an intensive program for 3 months and about 330 hours, with a CHAMS AMAZON Web Service Restart Digital certification. 


Download the Curriculum and Job Skills Information 👇

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