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Edito: 1 + 1 = 5 (ENG)

The fine poet Jean Claude Vandame reduced this equation to 11, in "1 + 1 = 11, that's beautiful"!

We are undoubtedly more measured but just as ambitious. After the inauguration of a first school in 2019, we are proud to launch 2 new schools in 2020! With the ambition to reach 5 schools by 2021. We will thus exceed the 300 refugees trained.

The pandemic has allowed us to rethink our method of teaching computer code to vulnerable populations. We innovate through blended training mixing face-to-face and online courses, immersive English, empowerment and niche business expertise (data, digital marketing). To which we add a capital ingredient: remote working soft skills. According to Bill Gates, remote work will no longer be a hype event and will become structural (

This turning point is an opportunity for our audience of students in the various poor and emerging countries which host refugees. Three countries in East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda) welcome more refugees than 28 European countries combined!

The future of humanitarian aid in refugee camps lies beyond compassion in the emergency, to the establishment of opportunities for education adapted to the 21st century, the basis of future employment. For this innovation, your support is crucial! (150 euros it’s the monthly allowance for one refugee, and they will spend 6 months).

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