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GitHub is supporting CHAMS refugee coders

The world leader in development platform and code sharing will offer remote mentoring to young refugee trainees.

Aix en Provence 16th December 2020 CHAMS, an NGO which creates and operates coding and Entrepreneurship schools in refugee camps, announces its partnership with GitHub, the world leader in development and code sharing platforms, which has a network of 56 million developers in the world and is used by 2.9 million businesses.

Thanks to this agreement, CHAMS students will benefit from a program adapted to remote mentoring, proposed by GitHub. Volunteers from the GitHub team worldwide will accompany students individually, giving advice and their expertise. For these young adults, it will be a unique opportunity to learn and to Increase their chances of joining the world market of technological employment.

In signing this partnership with GitHub, CHAMS is taking an important step in its mission to create highly qualified tech and computer talent in the hosting zones for refugees via innovative higher education. Thanks to acquiring skills that are adapted to the local and international employment markets, these young, talented people will positively impact the lives of thousands of people in their entourage.

The CHAMS Coding schools will mobilize both online resources and learning tools onsite With experienced instructors and some entrepreneurs. The first school began to operate in July 2019 in Mafraq, Jordan, Very near Zaatari, the largest refugee camp in the Middle East. Four other schools are being launched in 2020/2021 in Jordanian cities of which one will be in Amman, including an “École 42” international campus.

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